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Stated (& nem)

A brief lesson…

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  1. To express something definitely or clearly in speech or writing.

  2. An early 2000s colloquialism used commonly among inner city youth of Rochester, NY as a term of confirmation and/or agreement that a subject is understood, verifiable, and/or truthful. 

e.g. “This brand represents my people. Stated!

3.   Punctuation varies between a period, question, or exclamation. Stated is commonly used interchangeably with the phrase “State my word.”

e.g. “This community has made great strides, I state my word!”


/ nEHm /

  1. Nem is a phonetic variation and speech pattern of the word them which refers to one or more people or, things previously mentioned or easily identified.   

e.g. “The events hosted by Stated and nem always have rewarding outcomes.”

  2.  Them is also pronounced as ‘dem’ and commonly shortened to ‘em based on dialect. 

  3.  Nem refers to the multiple services Stated offered but most importantly, the team of people who help Stated make impact.  The people who believe in the mission of Stated, who are actively living the values of Stated, are nem.



1. Noun a single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing, used with others (or sometimes alone) to form a sentence and typically shown with a space on either side when written or printed. "I pronounce the word “them” as “nem” sometimes.”

2. Something that is said

3. “Informal”—used interjectionally to express agreement or emphasize the truth. ”That Stated org is like no other.” “Word?” ”Word!”

"This Is How We Do It"*


A vision-focused movement, attitude, and company: serving, empowering, and creating with community for communities. Stated provides purposeful, captivating workshops, events, and creative consulting with unabashed passion, curiosity, innovation, and *T.L.C.

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“Can’t You See…*


Stated will be the most valued, top choice for community partnerships. People will see themselves in us whether they’re serving and engaging with Stated & nem; living the mission, wearing the merch, or simply using the lingo.

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“Let’s Talk About S.E.C.S”


The core values of Stated are:





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*This Is How We Do It-A timeless party song by Montell Jordan which serves as a Stated anthem to celebrate our unabashed authenticity.

*T.L.C-Tender loving care in this context. Not to be confused with the popular r&b and hip-hop girls group of the 90s for the music lovers…or The Learning Channel for those who appreciated educational tv programs in the 90s. Stated has an appreciation for both (and other 90s-early 2000s nostalgia and values), by the way.

*Can’t You See-An R&B song by Total but a genuine question from Stated.

*Word-(Y)OUR word is important. It should be clear, factual, and trustworthy. In many cases, your word precedes you. People encounter your word(s) before your actions and if your actions fail they’ll refer back to your word. It’s one of the most important things to have. It’s a command. It’s a declaration. A commitment…That’s why we (Stated & nem) emphasize it so much. WORD is bond. WORD to my ____. WORD up. State my WORD.

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Stated Services:


Personalized engagement workshops suitable for classrooms, recreation centers/orgs, and professional development spaces.

Focusing on enjoyment and fellowship in its purest form, Stated is bringing the best of the community out, one event and purposeful interaction at a time.

For personal and professional branding, Stated collaborates with clients to bring fresh perspectives and a polished finish to their work.

Stated joins forces with businesses and individuals to create products that are mutually expressive and impactful for both parties.

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State My Word Radio

Word to the Replay

Candid conversations, laughs, music, and literacy in 15 minutes. Listen to State My Word Radio LIVE at 8:15am EST every Friday through Apple Music, TuneIn, and Streema. Search "WDRBmedia" on those apps. Catch full episodes of what you missed, below!

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