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Collaborative Branding

“I got a story to tell…” - Notorious B.I.G. 
And you do too.

Stated joins forces with businesses and individuals to create products that are mutually expressive and impactful for both parties. Our combined efforts leave much to be imagined and less to be said. Our clients benefit from our collaborations by; discovering new content for their brands, reaching wider audiences from cross-promotions, and boosting their community and social media engagement by spreading intentional messages. Stated is grateful to be chosen as a partner for professional and creative execution. Connect and collab today!

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What They’re Saying

“We talked; about change, about purpose, about money. Stated captured the message within the conversation to address the essence of who we are and what we do…”

C. Cleggett, founder of CC Me

While collaborating with Stated, I truly felt a sense of HOME! Elite Goodiez (EG) strives for official dealings ONLY and Stated met EG with the proper grace and footwork necessary to create some bomb, signature pieces in support and empowerment of both businesses! Truth is, I’m anticipating our next link up!”

A.Rush, CEO of Elite Goodiez, LLC

“My experience with the one and only STATED was everything and more than I expected. Stated’s messaging goes beyond what’s on the surface but still captures YOUR personal why…

R. Sapp, Personal Branding Client

Collaborative Branding: Testimonials
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