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Scholar Workshops and Service Projects:: Video

Scholar Workshops and Service Projects:

 “I AM a Scholar. That’s word to ME. I’m taking up space wherever I CHOOSE to be.”

Personalized engagement workshops suitable for classrooms, recreation centers/orgs, and professional development spaces.

Sponsor a collegiate Stated scholar for a min of $50.

Scholar Workshops and Service Projects:: Services

Stated & nem believes everyone is a scholar in their own right simply from studying and navigating Life University on a day to day basis. We aim to empower and equip our scholars with skills and experiences that will help them pass their life classes with honor and distinction.

Stated delivers interactive workshops using group brainstorms, open discourse, small group work, hands-on activities, self-reflection, writing, and games to explore and teach content. Workshops are aimed at helping students with self-esteem, leadership, communication, self-efficacy, and interpersonal skills in meaningful and creative ways.

Service projects are chosen by collaboration and community needs. Stated scholars take their learning up several notches by applying their “class notes” to the real world.

We are pleased to offer our workshops to your orgs, schools, businesses, etc! Please include contact information, group size, location, time frame, specific needs, and/or any other concerns in your email request.

Scholar Workshops and Service Projects:: Text

“I liked how there were snacks provided and that we could chill and be laid back. I also liked how there were opportunities to win merch! I hope there is another workshop like that soon. When I explained what we did in the workshop to my friends, they wanted to come with me so if there is another one I will bring my friends!”

E. Hemphill, Stated Scholar and Undergraduate Student, ℅ 2025

“I want to thank Ms. Cromes for allowing me to have this opportunity to make an impact on my community. This certainly won’t be my last experience with Stated.”

G. Shirley, Stated Scholar and Pre-Med Student, ℅ 2025

Scholar Workshops and Service Projects:: Testimonials
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